Voice User Interface (VUI) is changing the way we interact with technology and transforming the way we live our lives. Technology is moving away from keyboards and typing and increasingly towards voice and speech. Voice is already being used to do everyday tasks like check the weather, compile shopping lists, order Ubers/Pizzas. Voice is also being used to control devices in cars and homes like sat nav, smart tv's and heating controls. 


Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod are firm fixtures in many peoples homes and every mobile phone has a built in voice assistant. "Hey Google, Hey Siri and Alexa " uttered millions of times a day, on millions of devices, all across the UK.  

Businesses need to act, these new behaviours will have an impact on their brands. How will consumers know it’s your brand when they can’t see your branding or colour codes? How will consumers pick out brands when the results from a search are a spoken? How do brands structure web and app content so it is easy to navigate? How do you make your content discoverable?

We use specialist expertise, technical insight and creative know-how to help brands discover and take control of their voice.


It is fundamental that every brand knows how it will sound. Brands also need to understand what will make them stand out. If brands let Siri, Alexa or Google be their voice, they relinquish control of the brand, its unique qualities and their competitive edge.


If consumers can’t see brands, brands need to find new ways to make themselves known. 

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