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Sound Design

Sound design can be used across all brand touch points from creative content and product design through to commercial installation.

It's our job to take your brief and hand craft the sound so you get something uniquely designed to fit your purpose. That could be a codified sound bed for your next TVC, a multi-dimensional sound installation for an event or a detailed audio environment for an animation.

If your brand uses any kind of sound you need good sound design to make sure that your content matches your ambition. If customers sound is switched on, then brand sound needs to be switched on too.


We design sound with detail, definition and clarity so your brand gets the impact, attention and connection it deserves.

Sound also plays an important role in how we interact with products. If you're creating a new product we can help shape the way customers respond to and use that product. We'll help you build a sound toolbox that matches your ambition.

With creative innovation and cutting edge studio technology, we get your brand sounding as good as it looks.

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