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We advise our clients on full service audio branding, we also provide stand alone capabilities for projects or products that have specific requirements. If you have any questions or want to learn more contact us below.

Audio Branding


Brand sound is more important than ever, it should not be left to chance. We partner with brands to create cohesive and authentic sound strategies that connect and resonate with their customers at every opportunity.

Audio user interface


Interaction through sound makes the user experience more responsive, robust and immersive. Sound also increases performance and usability. We design bespoke Audio UI toolkits for brands.

Voice user interface

Voice assistants are integrating into everyday life. From the smart speaker in our kitchens, through the voice capabilities on our phones, to google in the car. We design innovative voice solutions for future forward brands.

Strategy and insight

Understanding how and where to use sound is key to helping innovative and dynamic brands unlock potential. We help brands looking for a focused strategic approach that fuses clear vision with expert insight and research.

Sound design

We design audio from the ground up. We create, capture and adapt sound using specialist technique and cutting edge technology. Every sound a brand makes can be designed and created in detail by our skilled team.

Product sound

How a products sounds can be as important as how it looks. Product sound should be functional but must it have an aesthetic aspect that enhances the quality of the consumers experience.

Experiential audio

Sound is crucial to getting customers to really experience your brand in a meaningful way. From 8D immersive audio to interactive AR, we produce enhanced sound that transform activations.

Sound installation


Installations have the power to change and enhance public and commercial spaces. We create unique brand environments that inspire and connect with people in powerful and meaningful ways.

Original composition

We compose original content for brands who want who are looking for something unique. Produced and edited to exact needs, we write compositions that express the things that words and images can’t.

Strategic partnerships

We understand what it takes to create successful partnerships that build authentic connections, create buzz and give personality to your campaigns.


We use technology and technique to produce seamless audio. If you have audio creative that needs editing, adapting, fixing or revoicing we can help.