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The Brand & Sound Consultancy

We're a specialist audio, sonic and sound consultancy. Our expertise helps agencies and brands unleash the power of sound as a strategic and tactical asset.


Insight & Expertise

We consult on and provide outcomes across a range of areas including:

A.I. Generated Sound

We know how much time can be spent (wasted) agonising over the right song for a campaign. We help brands waste less time, and save more budget, by using A.I. generated music and sound.


Using the latest technology we produce and deliver seamless audio that sounds perfect on any device. If your next TVC needs sound editing, adapting, fixing or revising, we can help.

Audio User Interface

Interaction through sound makes the customer experience more responsive, robust and immersive. Sound also increases performance and usability. We design bespoke Audio UI toolkits for brands.

Insight and Strategy

Knowing how sound can help is the first step, implementing it is the second. We've done the research so you don't have to. We help agencies and their brands to hit the ground running with sound.

Sound Design

Every sound a brand makes can be designed and created in detail by our skilled team. We create, capture, record and adapt sound using specialist techniques.

Voice User Interface 

Voice assistants are integrated into everyday life. From smart speaker in our kitchens to the voice capabilities on our phones. We build innovative voice solutions for future forward brands.

Audio Branding

Brand sound is more important than ever. We partner with agencies to create cohesive and authentic sound assets that connect and resonate with customers across every available touchpoint.

Audio Campaigns

Consumers are saturated with visual messaging. We plan, create, and deliver dynamic brand content that connects with busy people across radio, streaming and podcast.

Music Supervision

A good ad campaign needs a stand out tune. With extensive contacts across the US & UK record industry, we help agencies find, negotiate and license the songs they need saving time and budget.



As a non-visual strategy and design practice, we have a unique skill set which enables us to respond to client needs with robust methodology, clear strategies and a new set of brand tools. 

From insights on how A.I. sound increases campaign efficiency, through audio branding's impact on consumer behaviour, to how post-production affects advertising performance.

We work in partnership with our clients to discover, design and deliver unique solutions that help their brands connect, engage and resonate with customers in new and more meaningful ways. 

We give our clients the insights, assets and actionable toolkits they need to take control of how and where their brand sounds.



34 Boar Lane, Leeds,LS1 5DA 

25 Horsell Road, London, N5 1XL



Get in contact to see our case studies and latest work.

"It's your drum, we just help you bang it!"

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