Brands are turning to audio UI to augment the digital user experience and enhance the customer experience. Good audio UI will help concentrate the customer attention and allow them to stay focused and on task while still being made aware of what's salient. At the same time it will strengthen the customers brand connection through sound that reflects the brands values, purpose and promise.


High quality audio enabled tech devices are all around us. They're in our homes (smart speaker), our pockets and bags (smart phone), our cars (smart car), our laps and desks (desk/laptop) even our wrists (smart watch). Customer expectation has changed as has technology, the days of poor quality, intrusive 'website' sound is over. Increasingly our tech communicates with the us in a non visual way. Good audio UI facilitates that interaction and provides brands, and their customers with two things.


First, it enhances the user/customer experience by providing well timed and salient feedback through notification and interaction. Notifications draw attention to events, Interactions react to user actions. How useful and easy to use your platform is directly effects how your customers use your products and services.

Second, it improves the quality of the digital brand experience. How your platform sounds reflects something about your brand, well designed sound conveys a sense of quality and trust. 

Our team of audio user experience and sound designers produce bespoke brand focused audio UI for any digital platform.