Our approach to audio branding is simple, we immerse ourselves in your brand, your values, your customers and what makes you, you. From there we use a mix of our expertise and industry best practice to deliver a set of solutions that connect your customers with your brand in new and meaningful ways.

From google home and alexa through social channels, mobile, experiential, customer service, advertising, in-store, product and more. Our job is to design and deliver a system that projects your brand values and ensures every part of your brand has a consistent tone that connects with and complements every other part.

A simple test to find out if you should be investigating audio branding is to engage with one of your brand touchpoints and then, just close your eyes. When you close your eyes, is your brand still identifiably, you? Is there any relatable sound that conveys who your brand is and what you stand for? When your customers close their eyes, or turn away, or get distracted, is your opportunity to connect, engage and influence also lost?

We'll work with you to create, develop and curate of all the sonic aspects of your brand. We'll help you establish a cohesive and authentic tone that communicates and connects emotionally with your customers across all platforms and all touch points.

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